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Artistic Director -Prince Gheorghe-

Pre-College Kingdom
Pre-College Kingdom Summer Academy


Gabriel Costache (a descendant of George Enescu)
Docent for the music high_school college of germany

… early on he is regarded as a prodigy.
1987 first winner of the George Enescu Violin Competition
and after he moved to Germany with “Jugend musiziert”,
1992-94 with solo and chamber music – as former student of George Visan,
and Ion Voicu as well as Andrea Giorgiana Costache.
Gabriel Costache studied and assisted in Würzburg, Hannover, Berlin, Cologne and
Frankfurt am Main at the Musikhochschulen.
2004 – New Year’s Concert at the Beethoven Hall in Bonn as the concertmaster of the
Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra Berlin r.a. (representing for the concert master of
Berliner Philharmoniker, laut Veranstalter).
2005 Concert master and teacher for the HfM Mainz, as well as a part of the
internatonale masterclass and competition Rheinland Pfalz (Singing summer -
International Summer School for singers and instrumentalists)
and won first prize with the modern chamber opera Idilia.
2007 visiting soloist contract of the Oper Frankfurt and a lecturer at the Würzburg
College of Music.
2008 Violin teacher at the Konservatorium Milan.
He performed as a soloist, conductor and teacher throughout Germany -
(Solo appearances at the Skyscraper Festival in Frankfurt/M – together with the New York
Philharmonic, with own composition and editing of the Summer / Vivaldi and
with the Sibelius-Violin-Concerto – Photo see also www.ffh-skyscraper festival.)
as well in Japan, China, Sweden, Ireland, Switzerland, England, France etc.
2007 internship for the HfM & Co. – ASSISTENT OF COLLEGE, in the Cologne
Musikhochschule, a. o. things member of the “Initiative housing for assistance”, Cologne.
On July 7th 2007 interview – Charles’ Kendall & Partners Limited, 7 Albert Court,
Consord Prince Road, London SW7 2B.
Currently assistant in the Universitys of Vienna, Graz and Frankfurt am Main.

Gabriel Costache HfM & Co.

- – -

Prof. Andrea Giorgiana Costache
Artistic Director
Artistic and Scientific International Competition
J.Offenbach / Brüder Grimm

- Offer / Internship

… Former best student and assistant of Ion Voicu, and E. Peinemann, Z. Bronn,
Liana Issakadza and many others.
The violin is a family heirloom to George Enescu, who once played. From the BRD
she received a Pfretzschner violin bow. The violin bow comes from the archives of Gelnhausen
(Hessen), even N. Paganini has played with in the past.

Education in Arts of music
Diploma musician Antoaneta Costache, former Professor from Bucharest to the Revolution 1989th.
After communism, during the Revolution – emigration to Germany.
After working with the Academy of Music in Darmstadt, with Mr. Walther Darmstadt,
music high school in Gelnhausen – later a teacher in Hanau,
as well as early music education in Schwarzenfels.
“To accompany, I assisted my two children, Andrea and Gabriel Costache,
in their teaching and musical career – which both the fact
successfully completed the high student achievement”.
For the high_school college of music germany I assume the management and
business management too. I also give Cello and Violin lessons.

Secretariat for mail and writing procedures
Michael Costache
Student and project manager at the Deutsche Telekom, Münster – and former Cellist.

Ionel Marian Costache

Sir Cem Mutlu